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Evaluating Options
for Your Ventilation and Filtration System?

Lumin-Air can help you understand your facility’s capability to increase ventilation and improve filter efficiency. We help you understand the economic and environmental impact of these goals and present options that fit within your budget. We can survey your existing equipment and provide customized recommendations.

Evaluating Existing Systems

For instance, you may want to increase your filter efficiency. Questions arise, like… Do your existing fans have the capability of overcoming the additional pressure drop associated with improved filtration?  Does your existing equipment have a location for improved filtration options? What if you installed UV lights and that decreases the pressure drop across your coils? Would that allow you to improve your filter efficiency AND remove airborne pathogens? What does all this cost and what are the long-term benefits for your building and your occupants? Lumin-Air can help you navigate all these questions. 

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Filtration Systems

  • Increase Effective Ventilation: Providing better air for us while we’re indoors is more challenging than it sounds. It starts with assuming that the air outside is cleaner than the air inside, which may not be the case. That’s why the emphasis is on “effective” ventilation. Existing structures are constrained by the systems that provide their ventilation. New structures can be designed for increased ventilation, but we can’t dismiss the energy associated with increased ventilation and the impact of doing so on our environment.  For all these reasons, it makes sense to consult with Lumin-Air when trying to achieve an increase in effective ventilation. 
  • Improved Filtration: Just more air is not the answer. The air must be of the highest quality possible. This means reducing indoor air particles and reducing unwanted Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Doing so without creating additional harmful products like ozone, and without placing more burden on building maintenance personnel, can be challenging. 

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