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School Bus Clean Air

Improve the air quality on your school buses with MERV-13 equivalent filtration and optional UV-C


High Efficiency -> MERV-13+ Equivalent
High Air Flow -> Low Pressure Drop

Long Life -> 3x the Life of Standard Filters
Economical -> Low Cost Replacement Filter media


Supplement with UV-C

UV-C can be used in conjunction with improved filtration to deliver a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate while helping to inactivate particles captured in the filter.

Equivalent Filtration

MERV-13 equivalent filtration helps capture contaminants from recirculated air.


UV-C can be added to inactivate contaminants captured in the filter and traveling through the moving airstream.


Easily retrofitted onto buses with or without an existing HVAC system.


Our solution is completely enclosed ensuring no UVC light shines on occupants.

The School Bus is an Extention of the Classroom

  • MERV-13 filters are recommended for schools, however, bus filtration is typically MERV-4. Students on school buses are spaced closely together, as much as ten-times that of classrooms.
  • There is typically no outdoor air ventilation on buses and outdoor that is brought in is from the roadway containing allergens, vehicle exhaust, and even wildfire smoke depending on the location

High Air Flow* -> Low Pressure Drop
Long Life -> 3x the Life of Standard Filters

Our filters have the unique characteristics of being highly efficient AND low in pressure drop, meaning your system flows a high amount of air, even when the filters are in place three-times as long as standard, low quality bus filters. Our filter fibers have a small but permanent electrical charge enabling them to capture very small particles that are capable of travel furthest into people’s lungs, causing the most health problems.

* Airflow measured by independent air balance contractors have repeatedly shown excellent airflow after installation of Lumin-Air’s filters, even at 3x standard bus filter life. Airflow reports can be provided upon request by completing our contact form below.

High Efficiency -> MERV-13+ Equivalent

  • MERV-13 filters remove 77% of the airborne droplet nuclei people exhale that transmit respiratory diseases like the flue, the common cold, RSV and Covid.
  • MERV-13 filters are recommended for areas with wildfire problems. Watch the video of our filters removing small particles (smoke) from the air.

Read how these schools have improved the air
quality for their students and school bus drivers.

Why clean the air on your school bus?

Watch our video for more information.


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