Where Are Kids Getting Sick?

There is no place in your school system where kids are packed tighter together with worse air filtration than school buses.

The School bus is the weakest link in a School’s efforts to reduce disease transmission.

Improve the air quality in School Buses equal to the standards we expect for classroom air quality. Protect Bus Drivers and enable schools to attract more Bus Drivers by providing healthier conditions.

Lumin-Air’s school bus air filtration solution is approved for use by the Indiana Department of Education School Bus Committee.

The Importance of improving the air quality on your child’s school bus.

Airborne contaminants that are spread in the school bus affect all students in the school, bus drivers, students’ families, and our entire community. Standard school bus filters are designed to protect equipment, not to remove viral particles breathed into the air by occupants. School bus windows are rarely open due to weather and road pollution.

School Buses are densely packed spaces with poor ventilation. Here’s how we are helping.

Our filters have the unique characteristics of being highly efficient AND low in pressure drop, meaning your system flows a high amount of air, even when the filters are in place three-times as long as standard, low quality bus filters. Our filter fibers have a small but permanent electrical charge enabling them to capture very small particles that are capable of traveling furthest into people’s lungs, causing the most health problems.

Test Your Knowledge About School Bus Air Quality:

Read how these schools have improved the air
quality for their students and school bus drivers.

Why clean the air on your school bus?

Watch our videos here for more information.


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