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Rail Transit Clean Air

Protect your high-speed rail riders and operators from airborne contaminants by cleaning recirculated air.


Our rail solution uses UVC and a MERV-13 equivalent filter with low pressure drop and a high dust holding capacity.


MERV-13 Equivalent Filtration

MERV-13 equivalent filtration helps capture pathogens, particulates, and other contaminants from recirculated air.


A high dose of UVC helps inactivate pathogens caught in the filter and traveling through the moving airstream.


The solution is easily retrofitted onto rail with or without an existing HVAC system.


Our solution is completely enclosed, ensuring no UVC light shines on occupants.

Equivalent Filtration

Our solution includes a MERV-13 equivalent filter with a low-pressure drop, and high dust holding capacity. See our Rail Filtration Page for more information.


Public transportation is a necessity for many. As the economy continues to reopen it remains critical for transit authorities to create the safest environment possible and restore peace of mind for commuters. Despite the focus on surface disinfection, it is well understood that many pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 and influenza are primarily spread via airborne transmission. Public transportation environments are high people density spaces and often utilize low efficiency filtration designed to protect equipment, not clean the air commuters breathe. As a result, transit settings are high risk spaces that require intervention.

Our Solution Prioritizes Your Precious Cargo

Patent pending Lumin-19 uses a combination of MERV-13 equivalent filtration and safe, effective, proven UVC to help continuously clean and disinfect the air recirculated throughout your school bus.

UVC has been used for decades to help reduce the risk of airborne pathogen transmission and is a recommended solution by the CDC and ASHRAE to help supplement enhanced filtration in congregate spaces.

Our solution keeps UVC in an enclosure, helping to disinfect recirculated air, and prevents UVC from shining on occupants or materials.

Why clean the air on your rail transit?

Our filter system can be stand-alone, or as part of our UVC system.

At Lumin-Air, we help you understand your fleet and/or facility’s capability to increase ventilation, improve filter efficiency, and ultimately deliver clean air within your space.

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