Mass Transit
Air Disinfection

Our UVGI Includes a MERV-13 equivalent filter with low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity.
See our Bus Filtration Page for more information.

Why Clean the Air
on Your Bus?

Our filter system can be stand-alone, or as part of our UVGI system. See our Bus Filtration Page.

Public transportation is a requirement for many and a luxury for others. Airborne transmission is the primary way in which respiratory diseases like flu and COVID-19 are spread. Drivers and riders want the air they breathe to be clean.


  • Patent pending Lumin-19 uses safe, effective, and proven UVGI to continuously clean and disinfect the air that is being recirculated throughout a vehicle.
  • UVGI has been used for decades to help reduce the risk of transmission for numerous pathogens and is a recommended solution by ASHRAE for use in congregate spaces. 
  • Lumin-19 is easily retrofitted onto existing buses and requires very little maintenance, other than changing bulbs, which have a 17,000-hour expected lifetime. 
  • Lumin-19 is a visible sign to the public of the commitment by the vehicle system’s owners to their health and safety.
  • We don’t put any deadly gases, chemicals, ions, hydroxyl radicals, ozone or other pesticides in the air people breathe

New Flyer Installation of UVC & Filtration

UVC in bus compartment is: 0.000 μW/cm2

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) product in gym

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