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Filtration Solutions

Increasing filtration efficiency to remove airborne contaminants and protect occupants

Filtration Solutions Include:


Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

High efficiency, polarized filtration with a low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity.


Sorbet technology and commercial air purification delivers a high CADR with reductions in energy needs.

Clean the Air

Save Energy

Reduce Maintenance

You’ll never have to say, “My system can’t handle that MERV level” again. Dynamic AQS air cleaners significantly increase filtration efficiency without constraining your HVAC systems. You can achieve MERV 13 equivalent filtration and higher at lower static pressures than your current low MERV, passive filters. Additionally, improved indoor air quality is achieved while extending the time between maintenance intervals given Dynamic’s high dust holding capacity. Reduce contaminants and operating costs by prioritizing the safety of your occupants.

Dynamic V8 Polarized Media Technology

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions for COVID-19

enVerid Solutions Provide

Cleaner air, energy savings, reduced operating costs and the need for smaller HVAC equipment. 

  • Sorbent technology removes CO2, VOCs, and other contaminants from indoor air ensuring clean air is recirculated.
  • By cleaning recirculated air, outside air ventilation rates can be safely reduced and new HVAC equipment downsized in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQP.
  • Sorbents are designed to release contaminants outside the building upon heating through a periodic self-regeneration process.

Improved indoor air quality solutions that are effective, quiet, concealed and scalable to your facility footprint.

  • The enVerid Air Purifier is a ceiling mounted, commercial grade, HEPA air cleaner that includes UVC lamps for pathogen inactivation.

  • The solution delivers a low cost, easy to install, ultraquiet, and energy efficient alternative to costly HVAC system upgrades.

Lumin-Air is an innovative solutions company dedicated to improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Our expertise in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, and life sciences allows us to provide a unique, comprehensive, and quantifiable solution to your IAQ needs.

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